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4 Insane ways to a Better Workplace Safety

4 Insane ways to a Better Workplace Safety

By DISAP Health and Safety

GRASHYO DISAP THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOXThis article is being re-posted due to companies that requested us to do it. After we had updated our system, we started afresh with articles, so we were asked to publish it, as controversial as it may occasionally sound.

Contributing factors of unpleasant minor and major injuries in the workplace are not precisely caused by inaccurate engineering factors such as poor plant optimization and the like. Neither poor equipment calibration nor lack of experience of employees perpetuates this notorious factor.

Occasionally, the above-mentioned factors do have a hand, however, one seem to hide behind that thumb. Statistically, workplace injuries are moving up and down since 2001. Can such nature be tamed for the better, meaning, can we constantly decrease workplace injury and death rates?

Here are 4 Insane ways to a better workplace safety:-

1.     OHS Acts are Amended by Humans

Regardless of how professional an individual may be, there will always be an emotional element on any amendment. As a result, legislation that is perceived well for one may contain negative effects to another.  Therefore, one, be it a Safety Officer or Manager, SHE or SHEQ Specialist should consider the OHS Acts, but include the nature of their employees as well. You might have to slightly, amend the amended.

2.     Horse, River and Drinking Scenario

The management may emphasize on S.O.Ps, toolbox talks, and etcetera, but the final responsibility is always with the Operator. One can then fairly conclude that there is a niche of minimizing incident reports. This niche is when the company invests on Operator’s Emotional Intelligence (EI).

3.     Conviction of the Heart

Grashyo DISAP once conducted a program for another company; team DISAP had nine sessions to complete in three days. After the team had done the first two, it was noticed by our client that if the main Keynote Speaker, Grashyo M. Mathenjwa, could put more emphasis when telling his personal story other than dwelling more on Technical safety issues, the intended impact could be better. It was tried, tested, and it worked. Thanks to the Safety professionals that are willing to think out of the box when it comes to safety… Speaking of the box:

4.     Think out of the Box

This factor covers all of the afore-mentioned points. Grashyo DISAP encourages the Management to think out of the box (OHS Act). May it be noted that Grashyo DISAP is not against Acts, but against constant trips and falls that can be easily avoided.

Thank you for reading our article, you are more than welcome to comment.


Please note that all points mentioned in this article emanate from Grashyo DISAP, a Division of Grashyo Creations (PTY) Ltd. Solutions for identified problems are mere suggestions, yet dimmed valid as they have been in use, and it is emphasize that one should observe all necessary legal protocols on Safety before implementing solutions.

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