Grashyo Health & Safety

About Us

Upon achieving well-being in the workplace, Grashyo Health & Safety has designed a unique methodology of “Heart-to-Heart Conviction” Safety Keynote Address, Operational Safety Excellence, and Safety Lifestyle Activities.

Our Mission

To equip and empower industrial workers towards being more cautious about safety.

Experience-based training on the usage of safety equipment

Development of vital safety techniques  such as  recall and emotional intelligence

Long-lasting awareness through heart-to-heart conviction keynote addresses on safety

Incidence prevention through pro-active professional health & safety training services.

Our Values

We are committed to always conducting business in an ethical manner with all our stakeholders.

We observe our client’s objectives in order to mitigate any workplace incidences and drive down undesired statistics to the best of our ability.

Grashyo Health & Safety believes in competency, results, and professionalism

We believe in consultation, hence conductive after-surveys are always a part of everything we do.