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Live to Tell

The Live to Tell Safety Awareness Program was established after the tragedy that occurred in 2008. Mdu Mathenjwa worked as a Plant Processor when a mixture of Sulphuric acid and Nitric acid exploded on him, most of his body sustained third degree burns. Mdu thereafter spent approximately seven months in hospitalization and rehabilitation.

After having suffered, to date____ physical, emotional pain and the likes, Mdu has lived to tell his story to all sectors of manufacturing industries, including miners. The Live to Tell Program is a Division of Grashyo Health & Safety, which is purely Occupational Health and Safety Training, developed by a Memorandum of Understanding between two organisations.

The Live to Tell methodology


Live to Tell is designed to overcome safety tragedies that keep fluctuating with negativity. It is the Brain behind Operational Behaviour, as it deals with emotional intelligence of hands-on Operators: A brain that controls the behaviour and attitude towards working safe. Heart-to-Heart conviction is done through the ex-victim of the tragedy delivering a keynote address; sharing the consequences of being a victim of any incident in the workplace.

We strongly believe that the solution of ours will give birth to “zero harm’’ results, and that it will add so much value to your company.

Keynote Address Outline

  • The accident
  • Hospitalization
  • Emotional and physical pain experienced
  • Facing society
  • Handling family and friends
  • Results of being a victim of an accident
  • Worries of having children after your physical looks are disfigured
  • Bottom Line: Whenever you feel like taking short cuts, remember Mdu’s story

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