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Removing the Ceiling

Before something is said to exist, it had never existed before. One of our clients mentioned an interesting point whenoutstanding_safety_disap_grashyo_health_and_safety requested by our Sales and marketing team about our Live to Tell Safety Awareness Program, he said, “All the safety initiatives we have in this company are ingredients to bake one cake, safety. Your program has been one of such ingredients, and its impact is noticeable.”

Being an outstanding safety professional is about being able to identify and strategically place the ingredient that can alleviate unsafe Operational Behaviour, greatly increase production rate, avoid Lost Time Injuries, and more. The challenge becomes when such ingredients are as unique as our Safety Awareness Program, which is something that has never been done before, not this way.

One is aware that a human, in general, is reluctant to change, for a number of reasons, which could be perceived as one of the downfalls to innovation. Introducing non-traditional induction videos and programs, portraying intense care to the personal wellbeing of staff, and asking an unexpected question such as, “Is the Hierarchy of Hazard Control perfect?” are some of the factor that can best define an outstanding safety professional, as far as DISAP Health and Safety is concerned.

Simple ceilings are to be removed for better results in workplace safety, and such removals have serious potential to better compliance from both the hands-on staff and the organization at large. Change seems to the greatest challenge that impedes this imperative ceiling-removal. The more proactive a safety professional becomes, the best!

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