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One Simple Deadly Safety Fact In The Organisation

“Breaching safety breaches the revenue.” ____ Grashyo Health & Safety   Truth be told, if the organisation experiences constant declines in revenue, not only the low-level employees are be affect, but the organogram in its entirety. Another truth be told, the manufacturing world is more dependent on the operators, especially[…]

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If You Had a Chance, What Would You Change?

If You Had a Chance, What Would You Change? There’s recently been a drastic revision of ISO 9001:2015, and most Health and Safety companies are all over the shore with on-line and off-line advertising platforms about the proposed and published international standard. It is believed that such standards will better[…]

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Virgin Mentality According to Safety

Virgin Mentality According to Safety “A virgin is someone who has no experience in a particular thing.” ____ DISAP Health and Safety This is the first definition that is occasionally shared with participants before the awareness program proceeds. We encourage our participants to consider safety as though they were doing[…]

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