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One Simple Deadly Safety Fact In The Organisation

“Breaching safety breaches the revenue.”

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Truth be told, if the organisation experiences constant declines in revenue, not only the low-level employees are be

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affect, but the organogram in its entirety. Another truth be told, the manufacturing world is more dependent on the operators, especially as far as production is concerned.

Perhaps to briefly elaborate on this: the efficiency of all operations [technology, compliance, and the likes] may be on par, but they still depend on the end-user. If the end-user remains irresponsible, breaching safety is bound to occur.

We all know that when an organisation breaches safety, the operation in its entirety is likely to come to a halt, such halt leads to enormous revenue losses, which are almost impossible to retrieve…to make it more severe, retrenchments may result.

This is how much damage the low-level operators could inflict the entire organisation. Dear safety professionals, we have to admit that operational behaviour remains as equally important, if not more, to the organisation…and sound attitude with this level could truly yield good results. Let us invest in them as efficiently as we possibly can, too.

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