Grashyo Health & Safety

Workplace Culture Lifestyle

Another never-seen-before service designed and developed by Grashyo Health & Safety is Workplace Culture Lifestyle (WCL). Here, our activities are designed to connect Supervisors and Operators to attain the desired production while they remain conscious about safety in the workplace. WCL is a strictly activity-based program that performs wonders for staff in terms of safety being a lifestyle.

Understanding that work culture differs, depending on the organisation, Grashyo Health & Safety tailor-makes the activities accordingly. However, the activities are designed to cover the following: –

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Personal Emotions
  • Responsibility Dynamics

The aims (Summary) of WCL are:

  • Connect Supervisors and Operators
  • Minimise the drag on production
  • Strategically re-channel behaviour to synchronize with work culture
  • Make safety a habit, lifestyle
  • Promote positive work culture